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A New Way of Living: Discipleship Pathway

What is the Discipleship Pathway?
As a church, we are committing to a journey. We are committing to following Jesus wholeheartedly and to seek His will for our lives. This is a journey to discover A New Way of Living. The EMBC Discipleship Pathway is designed to help every one of us go deeper with God and find His purpose for our lives. We will each commit to a regular pattern of healthy habits that will help us grow in key areas of discipleship. Practicing the way of Jesus is how we grow and are transformed as followers of Jesus.

If we are shaped by our habits, how do we build healthy habits that result in healthy lives? We want to establish patterns of life which help us to consistently walk closely with Jesus through the ups and downs of life.

Key steps of our pattern include:
  • Pray daily: We will commit to a daily pattern of praying - seeking to encounter God through prayer. Praying for all we are facing, our friends, church, town, nation and the world.
  • Read the Bible: We will read the Bible every day and ask God to speak to us through it. We encourage everyone to try using a Bible Reading plan such as Read Scripture or Bible In One Year.
  • Commit to a Sunday Service: We will gather as a church weekly. We will commit to attending a service every week as a key way to pray, belong, worship and learn together.
  • Join a Life Group: We will encourage, and support each other by joining a Life Group.
  • Get a Mentor: We will draw alongside and encourage one another in the faith, discipling and mentoring each other to develop our potential and gifting in the service of God’s purpose.
  • Get Involved in Serving: We will commit to serving each other and our community. Helping people in need and transforming our communities.
  • Live a Life of Mission: We will learn how to live a life of mission sharing the love of Jesus and our story with our friends, neighbours and colleagues to bring lasting change in our communities. 
At EMBC, we believe that mentoring is a biblical model that we should follow today. Our church gatherings and Life Groups are fantastic for being part of a community of believers, but it can sometimes be easy to stagnate there. Mentoring allows one to disciple another to a continually deepening faith in Jesus, accompanying them on the Discipleship Pathway through encouragement, accountability, direction, prayer support, and more. Many examples of mentoring can be found throughout the Bible, such as Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, and Jesus himself with his closest disciples. It is our aim that every person at EMBC will have their own mentor.
We are a small friendly group who have a common interest in hillwalking. We arrange regular walks roughly once a month, normally on a Saturday. All experience levels are catered for as we have one member who has climbed all of the munros and some who have only done one. Please contact Hazel McCallum, Simon Jeacocke, Morag Austin or Graeme Templeton for more information.
Connect Women
Connections happen in life in a variety of different spaces and places. Connect Women allows women over the age of 18  to take time, every few months, to join together for a variety of different activities, some completely social and others more focused on encouraging our spiritual lives. Look out for the next Connect Women event coming soon.
Mens Ministry
Christ calls for men to lead courageously in many areas of our lives; at work, with families, friends, through mission and outreach. The aim of the men’s ministry is to equip, envision and commission men to be more Christ-like in every aspect of their lives. East Mains Men’s Ministry is a great opportunity for the guys to meet up, relax and get to know each other better. Whether it’s a game of bowling, a curry quiz night or a Christmas meal, there’s sure to be a good bit of banter and a genuine sense of friendship. We really look forward to meeting up with you at one of our next not-to-be-missed events.
Life Groups
Find out more HERE.