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Worship Music. As part of the church's vision for a “New Way of Living”, we’ve seen individuals and leaders searching for more and more of God in all aspects of church life.

One of the key elements of the EMBC Discipleship Pathway is to commit to attending a Sunday service where we gather every week as a key way to pray, belong, worship and learn together.

We have a large worship band which helps lead us in sung worship at all our services. Having a large team means we can vary the personnel from week to week in order to ensure that the team members can be in the congregation as well as in the band from week to week.

We currently have twenty-four gifted individuals involved in our worship team and in addition to Sundays they meet for practice, prayer and worship on three out of four Mondays.
We are incredibly blessed with talented, spirit filled, worship leaders who strive to bring people into the presence of God each time they lead worship.

Sound and Visuals
An essential part of our services and our Worship Team are the guys that sit in the background and ensure that the Sound and Visuals are as good as they can be. We have a dedicated team here who do a great job of serving behind the scenes.
Throughout the year the Worship Team also provide Worship, Sound and Tech for our Spring and Autumn Alpha Courses.

Current Worship Songs
During the worship service we may sing a song that you are unfamiliar with, so to help you, we will update the songs list each month and you can listen to original artists.


Lenny Warren, 28/01/2019