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Creche is friendly, safe environment for children under 3 to play and socialise together during Sunday morning services. We work closely with the Bubbles team to ensure children can access a more structured programme when they are ready. The creche is situated upstairs in Room 7 of the Village Centre. If you use the Creche please sign your child in on the Sign In Sheet which is located outside Room 7. One of the helpers will fetch you if your child is unhappy or needs changed.

Bubbles is our Sunday morning class for three to five year olds. In our weekly sessions we play, sing, do crafts, and listen to stories from the Bible. Through our activities we explore who God is, what He is like, and how He wants us to live. It is our goal that all children know about Jesus' great love for them.

Core for all Primary aged children, P1 – P7, are welcome for fun, fellowship and learning about the Bible and God. We begin with worship, prayer, games and interaction before moving into 3 smaller groups, which are age appropriate.

Mettle takes place in the basement of Church House every Sunday morning during the Church service and is for all young people between the age of 12-16 years. The material we mostly use is “Energize” from Urban Saints, and a typical lesson will include team games and studying topics from the Bible like:
  • Spiritual issues
  • ‘Hot Potatoes’ – insights into the challenges faced by young people
  • Relationship with God and each other
  • Prayers and action points to help the young people put these into practice
Our inspiration is Jesus and we long for our young people to ‘Live Connected’, ‘Be Transformed’ and ‘Change their World’, through a living relationship with Jesus Christ.