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The role of the Prayer Team is to organise prayer events in the church. Here are just a few examples:
  • Prayer Ministry – We pray with an expectation of encountering God through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Prayer Ministry Team ministers to others by the ‘laying on of hands’ and praying for them for healing, to be filled with the Holy Spirit, for guidance, encouragement, blessing etc. This is conducted after the morning service and the prayer ministry team also works alongside the pastoral care team to pray for others when required.
  • Restore - A healing prayer space to assist people to encounter God and receive from Him.  Held on alternate Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings this is for all who are looking for God in life's challenges or difficulties.  For further information please contact the Church Office either by phone 01355 249672 or email;
  • Steps to Freedom -The “Steps to Freedom” prayer counselling ministry is the prayer component of the overall Freedom in Christ approach. It is a prayer/repentance or “truth encounter” rather than a “power encounter”. The person going through the Steps is taking responsibility for their life and growth by asking the Lord to show them of any area in their life where an issue needs to be resolved. They then choose to repent of everything the Lord shows them thus removing any grounds the enemy may have had in their life. It’s based on James 4:7, “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Very simple and gentle – but amazingly effective!
  • Ongoing training, whether in prayer ministry or steps to freedom is also a vital part of the work we do.
  • Prayer Warriors are people who are known for regularly interceding on behalf of others before God. To intercede means to come between, so prayer warriors are, in effect, coming between God and the circumstances in another person's life. We use Prayer Warriors at EMBC to cover people in prayer especially our young people as they go through their exams and to draw alongside those going through a difficult time.
  • Prayer Events such as 24/7 Prayer, Easter Prayer Stations, Prayer Walks, Prayer & Praise Evenings are held every few months in the church to encourage people to come along and spend time with God on their own or in a group, to pray for their own needs, or the needs of the church.

“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”
Oswald Chambers

Lenny Warren, 28/01/2019